About Us

It was December 25th, 2002, on a very cold Christmas day. A little boy and we became a family. A lively Boston terrier with big ears and an adorable friendly face. He was so full of energy, flying and running around like an angel. We named him Gabriel.

Our happy days started. We were always together. We woke up together, atet together, went to work together (I had another job then), walked together, and went to bed together. Every night was the time we called treasure time! We cuddled up in bed and talked and talked, wishing this happiness would stay forever.

Gabriel's favorite activities were playing and running around with his friends in the dog park. And he loved, loved, loved taking long walks around our local country side. Gosh we walked a lot every day! We walked to his hearts content.

One day, I wanted to give him a super stylish, comfortable, one of a kind collar for him to use for his long walk.
I imaged the design, looked for a leather craftman, we talked, tried and failed, re-tried again and again, but eventually came up with a beautiful and comfortable collar specially for my Gabriel!

It was a fun experience! I started to gradually make not only collars, but clothes and other related items just for Gabriel.

In 2014, Gabriel and I longed to make something bigger something which we could fully put our hearts to. We decided to make a hand knitted sweater. Fine yarns, minimalist style, mobility and fit! The model was Gabriel naturally! I tried and tried, and finally finished the lovely sweater!

One evening around that time, while we were preparing our dinner, a stray cat wandered in to our kitchen through the window. Her body was mess, scrawny, just skin and bones . She looked as she had no more energy to go on.

However, we had no cat food at home to give her. Gabriel was anxiously looking at her, and quietly shared his food with her which was cooked just for him. From that night, the cat came to visit us every night. She became healthier and healthier with each passing day.
Gabriel's gentleness surely saved one precious life! A dog saves a cat, how ironic. I was so impressed, but at the same time, I thought to myself, what am I, the human, doing?

I started to think we could do something more, maybe through work, to save the unfortunate animals like her.

We decided to make a brand through our experiences, and named it Gabrielgabriel, of course after Gabriel.

From 2014 for one year, we started trials of items such as sweaters and leather accessories that we wanted to introduce to our furry buddies around the world.
As our trial samples were completed, it was the beginning of summer 2015, we were finally ready. We solidified our intention by saying to each other, "Ok, from now, we'll work hard for Gabrielgabriel and save more unfortunate animals." But out of blue, Gabriel was attacked by sickness, and after a brief(well, it felt like forever)period of 3weeks, he departed to heaven alone.....

It was a fun life of 12years and 11months. In grief stricken, I tried to remember what Gabriel had taught me, it's real, unconditional love, kindness, and a spirit of never giving up. 

Our brand is the soul of Gabriel. His love continues to shine now and eternally in Gabrielgabriel.
(part of the sales of Gabrielgabriel is used to save other unfortunate furry friends) 

Please try GABRIELGABRIEL'S ONE OF A KIND ITEMS. We deliver with love and kindness.
Moreover, we strive to make Gabrielgabriel loved by all of you. 

Thank you very much for reading.

Gabriel and Naoko oxoxoxox


Studied fashion business at Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York City, Worked at a Japanese fashion company Comme des Garcons, in Soho, NY.

After returned to Japan in 90’s, I have worked as a director in construction machine and parts manufacture to organize productions of OEM in Europe and Asia, carried import and export transactions in general.

Established Gabrielgabriel Co. on July 21, 2015.