How to order

About our sweaters

This is the most popular silk and mohair sweater.

Gabrielgabriel ask for measurements when ordering, so as to get a better fit for your fur babies.
You choose the closest size from our size chart, SX,S,M,L.
We will fix any necessary parts such as body and sleeve length. This way, we can bring a close to ideal fit for your loved one.

About Delivery

We usually require 2-4 weeks from order to shipping (We may ask longer during busy seasons, and /or depending on stock situation of material).
After we take your order, our team of knitters will lovingly make your sweaters, one by one. So please kindly understand that this can take some time.
The price may vary depending on materials and sizes
Starting 198.00- US dollar

About Cancelation

We are unable to accept cancelations after an order is placed. Please consider well before placing an order.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.